How to Read a Poem

Adi Sabanija

How to read a Poem


  • Actually read the poem.
  • Try to visualize the actions that are happening or being described.What Is Data Visualization Examples, Tools & Benefits in Marketing
  • Try identifying the figurative language or poetic devices. A lot of poets will use different poetic devices or figurative language to emphasize or to add to the theme of the poem.
  • Search up the words you understand. This will boost up your vocabulary.
  • Try to find out what the poem is about. Helps you understand it more deeper.
  • Think of how the author or author’s background could be connected to the poem. An author might’ve tried sending a message or information about his past or current life.
  • Think about which emotion do feel is being expressed in the poem. By doing this you can understand the author better and what he or she is trying to say.
  • Read the poem out loud. This helps you memorize it better.

All of these tips are helpful when reading a poem. They will help you understand the poem better and easier to understand. These are my personal tips that help me understand it better but it does not necessarily mean they will work for you too.

Dystopian Character Development

Spring of 24 May, 2054 in the suburbs of Clarendon Hills, United Staes.

The protagonist’s name is Brad. He wakes up from his birthday party a night before, and starts his daily morning school routine, while on the way towards school with his best friend, Adam, he realizes that all adults in the world quickly vanished.

Protagonist Brainstorm

What does your protagonist want? Brad wants to be the leader and he wants to guide/control other teens and kids, the right way. In other words, he wants to be the “President” until the adults come back.
What obstacles stand in your protagonist’s way?  The antagonists are several groups of other teens and kids who are also fighting to be the “President”.
Specific Characteristics of your protagonist (appearance, special skills/abilities, knowledge)  Brad is technically an adult because his birthday was a day before all the adults vanished. Brad is muscular and around 6ft tall. He loves to wear baggy clothes. His hair is brown and his eyes are blue and he constantly wears a necklace that his mother gave to him on his birthday. Also, he has a scar in a shape of a lightning bolt on his neck, that he got when he fell of a bike at the age of 3.

Image result for Zac Efron

Photo: @zac._efron._/ Instagram

This is how I imagine my protagonist and if there was a movie about my short story, I would choose Zac Efron to play “Brad”.

Mildred Paragraph

Mildred is an character in the book named Fahrenheit 451. The book is about dystopian society and is a example of dystopia. Mildred is an perfect example of dystopian character in an dystopian society. She is the perfect example because she is depressed, she thinks like everybody else and she loves and does not want to oppose the government.  For example, she does not realize she is not happy just like the rest of the society. Mildred does not have a job and just like most of the families in this book, all the money is coming from the male side of the family. She likes to stay in the house and watch the tv and listen to her family

Image result for mildred fahrenheit 451 drawing

Drawing of Mildred by Gurdim on Deviant Art.

.”Will you turn off the parlor?” he asked. “That’s my family.” Mildred said. She considers the people on the tv as her family. I think its weird and sad how some people in this society do not know their family so they decide to treat and call others as their family. Also, Mildred overdoses on the sleeping pills and does not really care about the affect of it. When she does this, Montag does not like it because the unhygienic doctors come and “fix her.”


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