Alumnus Saifallah Ghazi’18 Supporting Our HS Students

This week, our CAC alumnus, Saifallah Ghazi’18, was part of an online Purdue University session for CAC High School students, discussing preparing and applying to U.S. engineering programs. It is Saif’s last year as an engineering student, and we couldn’t be more proud of him. A big thank you to Saif for continuing to inspire and support our students! Wishing Saif all the best with his final year in university!


Dr. Jailan Abbas, Former Head of Egypt Culture and Arabic, Participates In Pharaohs Golden Parade Ceremony

“We are very proud of our former Head of Egypt Culture and Arabic at CAC, Dr. Jailan Abbas, for her participation in the Pharaoh’s Golden Parade documentary. It has been a pleasure seeing generations of our students and community members learn from her vast knowledge over the years. Way to go!” Here is a link to the documentary

10 Alumni Participate In Annual Alumni/Senior Session- “Life & University After CAC”

Every year our alumni participate in various sessions/workshops for our Senior students to better support them through their transition after leaving CAC and equipping them with various life skills. Recently, ten of our alumni participated in our annual Alumni/Senior session to discuss “Life and University After CAC” with our Senior students and support them as they graduate this year. The Seniors got the chance to ask alumni any questions they may have about their transitions, and our amazing alumni shared their experiences and tips on how to smoothly transition and decrease the anxiety that comes with transitioning to university and another country or culture. A big thank you to our alumni for generously supporting our Seniors!.

Alumni and Parent Expert Panelists From Around The World

12 CAC alumni experts and 2 parent experts recently joined our Middle School students online from around the world as panelists for their Ancient Egypt projects.
As part of our Social Studies unit on Ancient Egypt, we asked the grade 6 students at CAC to create a video and brochure that is meant to help boost tourism to the ancient sites of Egypt.

We asked the students the following question: “Can we design videos that will make tourists excited to see Ancient Egypt?”

Students were placed into teams and were charged with the design and production of a 90-second video that highlights the most important and noteworthy sites of Egypt. Since it is an Ancient Civilizations course, we decided to focus solely on Ancient Egypt. (30 BCE and prior).

Expert CAC alumni (and parents) from around the world were invited as panelists with the aim of both creating a true learning experience, and inspiring students with CAC role models that were once students in their shoes. Their expertise was very diverse including tourism, Egypt culture, Egyptology/Antiquities, branding, marketing/sales, advertising and production,…etc.

Panelists were responsible for the following:

– Listening attentively to each team’s presentation
– Observing and scoring students’ presentations and introductions to their project.
– Providing questions about the contents of the video and questions of clarification that force the teams to justify their positions (Why did you choose that photo? Why did you choose that type of music, …etc.)
– Providing feedback about what works well and what needs some work
– Providing overall opinions on the project itself

A big thank you to our amazing volunteer panelists for making this an amazing learning experience our Middle School Students will never forget!

Nora Shawki’08, Sherine Abdelbaki’87, Dahlia El-Gazzar’87, Nina El-Shabrawy’99, Dr. Jailan Abbas (former faculty-Egypt Culture), Han Delin’87, May Kassem’01, Dalia Kamar’13, Ahmed El-Mofty’93, Hala Mohanna’87, Mohammed Wasfy’00, Laila Karim 93/94, Jewel Turner (parent), Benjamin Lawrence (parent)

Alumni Class Representatives Initiative

Two years ago, we initiated the announcement of Senior Class Representatives among our Senior classes while they are at CAC. This representative is usually the class president.

A Class Representative’s role is to help connect their classmates by informing them about what is going on at CAC and with CAC alumni, and engaging them through various gatherings/events/reunions over the years. While being a class representative doesn’t require a huge time commitment at all, yet they play a vital role in building the alumni community by connecting their classmates with each other and other alumni. Some of the things they do are act as a liaison between CAC and class members; communicate current and relevant information to his/her class; ensure classmates are registered on the alumni portal and keeping their contact information up to date (i.e. Name, Phone Number, Address, Email, etc.); reach out to missing/lost alumni and connect them with CAC, share alumni news and stories to be shared with alumni on the website and various platforms; help organize and brainstorm possible alumni events; be listed as main class contact (i.e. website, newsletter, annual publications); work with CAC to promote events such as, but not limited to: Homecoming, Alumni volunteer & service opportunities, social events, retreats and reunions,…etc.; support and attend events while also encouraging attendance even if not able to attend themselves; help to facilitate class reunions, encourage the following of CAC Pages/Groups on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.); share posts and photos, and encourage classmates to do the same.

Again, while this might seem like quite a load to handle; please note that we understand that our alumni have very busy lives and we do not require huge time commitments.

In various gatherings, reunions or campus visits, some of our alumni would come forward and volunteer to be their class representative too. Saying this, we owe a big thank you to all the volunteer class representatives that came forward to represent their class. To know who your class rep is, please see below our list so far, relative to each class year.

We are still on the search for class representatives for years not yet covered, so if you, or one of your classmates are interested, please get in touch and let us know. Please make sure to send your full name, graduation year, email address. location/address, and mobile number to

Our Alumni Class Representatives so far are:

– 2020: Amina Marwan
– 2019: Seif Hikal, Yousef Shabana, Quinn-Wai Wong, Layla Murphy
– 2018: Malak Elwy
– 2017: Anand Nateshan
– 2015: Youssef Helmy
– 2014: Fathi Saleh
– 2013: Angela Davis
– 2012: Ali Darwiche
– 2010: Hebatalla Lotfy Abdel Naby
– 2009: Menatalla El-Ibiary
– 2008: Omar Jamal Maatouk
– 2007: Dina Abou El Fetouh
– 2006: Adam Salem
– 2005: Ahmed Kabil/Tarek Tantawy
– 2004: Shery Takawy
– 2003: Christina Rizk
– 2002: Mohammed Ashraf Farag
– 2001: Catherine Feeney
– 2000: Karim Hefzy
– 1999: Nina EL Shabrawy
– 1996: Chris Mary Edwards
– 1995 : Dana Liu
– 1994: Darin Viergutz
– 1993: Benjamin Eysselinck
– 1992: Lori Cleveland (Lori Gray)
– 1991: Sammy Nakhla
– 1990: Naila Farouky
– 1987: Dahlia El-Gazzar
– 1986: Tara Michele Moorehead
– 1985: Maryem Hassan Tollar
– 1984: Peter Vogelaar
– 1982: Elizabeth Ann Herrick (Aka: Beth Toot)
– 1981: Laura Corabi
– 1980: Mark Maddox
– 1976: Christina Peterson (Bowen)
– 1975: Breck Craig
– 1974: Rebecca Lorraine (Smith)

Kind Words And Actions Make A Difference

Our Elementary School students did just that as they led us as a community in December to support their kindness campaign with donations of used clothes, toys, books, stationery,..etc. for the Health and Hope Oasis (H&HO), a care center that provides wellbeing for children with cancer and their families in an environmentally healthy set up. Our students even colored/designed the donation bags and set up a station to write kindness cards to be placed with each donated bag. Knowing that many of our alumni are not currently in Egypt, by this campaign they aimed as well to inspire our community around the world to do an act of kindness wherever they are in the world. The slogan they used was – kind words and actions make a difference.

As our community came together, we just delivered 47 bags of donations! Way to go Eagles!

A HUGE thank you to our CAC alumna organization owner and mama to be Heba Abdel Naby’10 who donated a truck to deliver the donations to H&HO.

Another HUGE thank you goes to our donors and volunteers (students, parents, alumni, faculty/staff) who donated, packed, created amazing kind note cards, and showed us how we can come together as CAC family and make a difference.

To make the day even more special, we had a surprise appearance by Santa and his elves on his camel all the way from the North Pole!

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season filled with kindness!



GSS Appreciation Thanksgiving Lunch

Happy Thanksgiving! To show appreciation for everything our General Service Staff (GSS) does for CAC and it’scommunity; our now Senior student, Han Byul Lee initiated the idea of an annual Thanksgiving lunch for our GSS Staff in a very thoughtful way. She encouraged the entire CAC community to contribute food items and serve the GSS staff on the day of the lunch event. Check out Han’s video here to learn more.

This year, even with COVID-19 being a challenge, we still moved forward with our annual GSS lunch, but in the form of pre-packed meals. 

We are so thankful and grateful for the amazing community we have at CAC, and everyone’s heartfelt support. A big “THANK YOU!” to everyone who supported our annual General Services Staff (GSS) lunch this year. While this year was different due to current mitigation circumstances; yet almost 100 students, parents, faculty/staff members, and alumni helped over the course of the day at different time intervals. What an Amazing Team Spirit! Everyone’s mission was to appreciate our GSS by contributing their effort, time & donations.  The result was mind blowing! Our goal was only to cover 147 meals. However, we received almost 400 meals and desserts!  Each one of our GSS received a personalized appreciation note written by students with their meal bags too. We also shared meals with the police around the school to show our community appreciation.

Happy Thanksgiving Eagles!

CAC Alumni Here We Come!- Class of 2021

Every year in November, we know that our Seniors can get stressed out and overwhelmed as exams are around the corner, college applications are taking place, and much more (and COVID-19 this year added to the mix). To help them destress a bit, and cheer them on as they are almost officially our alumni, in November, we plan a few fun gifts and activities just for them.

This year, we told Senior Class of 2021 how proud we are of them and of their dedication, attitude, and resilience; we shared a special inspirational message with our Seniors, sent in by our Class of 2020 alumna, Hana Ghazi (a big thank you to her!), played upbeat music in the background as they had their lunch outdoors; and created destress packages for them containing customized mugs (with their animated photos wearing their Eagles jackets), customized stress balls, and M&M chocolate. While they are provided VIP movie theatre tickets every year to have some bonding time and fun during their last year at CAC, this year we promised that once we are at the proper CAC reopening mitigation phase, we will have an outdoor movie night after school just for them on the campus gardens.

We can’t wait for these amazing Seniors to join our CAC alumni network! Go Eagles Go!

CAC’s Memorial Garden Renovations

As part of our CAC ongoing campus improvement and beautifying projects, we began the meaningful work of gracefully beautifying the “CAC Memorial Garden” over the summer. 

The initial creation of obelisks date back in history to ancient Egypt. They are vertical stone columns that are “monolithic”- or made from a single piece of stone, topped by a pyramid that is carved at the peak. The ancient Egyptians built them to commemorate, honor, and remember the lives of those that passed. The Egyptians called obelisks “tekhenu” which means “to pierce” as in “to pierce the sky” and thought of them as a symbol to catch the first rays of the morning sunlight and beautifully scatter the sun rays in association with the Egyptian sun god.

As the author John Gordon once wrote in his book “Washington’s Monument and the Fascinating History of The Obelisk” – “The obelisk, silent as only stone can be, nonetheless seems to say as nothing else can”. 

Saying this, we have during the summer started renovating the CAC Memorial Garden by beautifying its green landscape and creating an obelisk inside the garden carrying the names of former students, faculty, and staff that unfortunately passed during their time at CAC; with the purpose being to restore the garden to its beautiful former condition and better treasure and honor it’s historic symbolism of those at CAC that left us over the years and we continue to treasure in memory. We are thus honored that the obelisk will carry many of our cherished names in commemoration of their memory over the years.