Alumnus Saifallah Ghazi’18 Supporting Our HS Students

This week, our CAC alumnus, Saifallah Ghazi’18, was part of an online Purdue University session for CAC High School students, discussing preparing and applying to U.S. engineering programs. It is Saif’s last year as an engineering student, and we couldn’t be more proud of him. A big thank you to Saif for continuing to inspire and support our students! Wishing Saif all the best with his final year in university!


Dr. Jailan Abbas, Former Head of Egypt Culture and Arabic, Participates In Pharaohs Golden Parade Ceremony

“We are very proud of our former Head of Egypt Culture and Arabic at CAC, Dr. Jailan Abbas, for her participation in the Pharaoh’s Golden Parade documentary. It has been a pleasure seeing generations of our students and community members learn from her vast knowledge over the years. Way to go!” Here is a link to the documentary

10 Alumni Participate In Annual Alumni/Senior Session- “Life & University After CAC”

Every year our alumni participate in various sessions/workshops for our Senior students to better support them through their transition after leaving CAC and equipping them with various life skills. Recently, ten of our alumni participated in our annual Alumni/Senior session to discuss “Life and University After CAC” with our Senior students and support them as they graduate this year. The Seniors got the chance to ask alumni any questions they may have about their transitions, and our amazing alumni shared their experiences and tips on how to smoothly transition and decrease the anxiety that comes with transitioning to university and another country or culture. A big thank you to our alumni for generously supporting our Seniors!.

Alumni and Parent Expert Panelists From Around The World

12 CAC alumni experts and 2 parent experts recently joined our Middle School students online from around the world as panelists for their Ancient Egypt projects.
As part of our Social Studies unit on Ancient Egypt, we asked the grade 6 students at CAC to create a video and brochure that is meant to help boost tourism to the ancient sites of Egypt.

We asked the students the following question: “Can we design videos that will make tourists excited to see Ancient Egypt?”

Students were placed into teams and were charged with the design and production of a 90-second video that highlights the most important and noteworthy sites of Egypt. Since it is an Ancient Civilizations course, we decided to focus solely on Ancient Egypt. (30 BCE and prior).

Expert CAC alumni (and parents) from around the world were invited as panelists with the aim of both creating a true learning experience, and inspiring students with CAC role models that were once students in their shoes. Their expertise was very diverse including tourism, Egypt culture, Egyptology/Antiquities, branding, marketing/sales, advertising and production,…etc.

Panelists were responsible for the following:

– Listening attentively to each team’s presentation
– Observing and scoring students’ presentations and introductions to their project.
– Providing questions about the contents of the video and questions of clarification that force the teams to justify their positions (Why did you choose that photo? Why did you choose that type of music, …etc.)
– Providing feedback about what works well and what needs some work
– Providing overall opinions on the project itself

A big thank you to our amazing volunteer panelists for making this an amazing learning experience our Middle School Students will never forget!

Nora Shawki’08, Sherine Abdelbaki’87, Dahlia El-Gazzar’87, Nina El-Shabrawy’99, Dr. Jailan Abbas (former faculty-Egypt Culture), Han Delin’87, May Kassem’01, Dalia Kamar’13, Ahmed El-Mofty’93, Hala Mohanna’87, Mohammed Wasfy’00, Laila Karim 93/94, Jewel Turner (parent), Benjamin Lawrence (parent)