Volume 39 Number 3 October 18, 2021 Cairo, Egypt




Dear Swimmers and Parents,


Our second event of the season, Time Trials will be held on Friday, October 29th.

We will hold TWO Sessions on that day.

Swimmers 8 y.o. and Under will be attending the morning session. 

Swimmers should report to the pool 5 minutes prior to their warm-up.


9:00 –  9:20    Warm-up for swimmers 8 y.o and Under.

9:30 – 11:30   Time Trials for swimmers 8 y.o. And Under.


Swimmers 9 and Over will be attending the afternoon session.

Swimmers should report to the pool 5 minutes prior to their warm-up.


12:40 – 1:00    Warm-up for ES swimmers 

1:00 – 1:20      Warm-up for MS / HS


Time Trials begin at 1:40 and we anticipate finishing by 5:00 PM.



We will need 12 Timers, 1 Head timer, 4 BullPen coordinators.

We will train you on the spot!!! 

The sign-up form will be shared with you before the end of this week. The event cannot run without your help. Thank you in advance!.


Plan to bring at least two towels, healthy snack food, water and juice, extra goggles, and a swim cap. Sunscreen should be applied before you begin warming up and again during the middle of the afternoon activities.

If you are NOT planning on participating in the Time Trials, please email coach Tatiana or Mrs. Rehab to indicate so, by Monday, October 25th.




Friday                              October 29th               Time Trials

Friday/Saturday,              November 5th, 6th      Swim Meet (Invitational) 

                                                                            Awards Presentation TBA.



Fall Age Group Coaches

Coach Tatiana:

Rehab Al 


Signup form: Please click here to sign up for the Time Trials 




Time Trials are held as a “real swim meet”, but with no outside competing teams participating. Swimmers will be competing within their age group.


Events: 25m, 50m, 100m Freestyle: 25m, 50m Backstroke; 25m, 50m Breaststroke: 25m, 50m Butterfly: 100m IM. Coaches choose the time trials events and distances for each swimmer. 


Not only do Time Trials give the swimmers experience of competition, but they also help the coaches see where additional work and improvements are needed. 


Swimmers, as you prepare for this coming Time Trials, think of the cornerstone on which you are building and the personal goals to strive for while improving your times and setting new records. REMEMBER! Technique FIRST! Think about your personal goals for each event you swim. If you need help setting goals, speak with your coach so that strategies can be laid out to help you reach your goal.


Remember the following pointers as you prepare for the Time Trials:

On the Crawl Stroke:

             At the start, no breathing until you reach the LifeGuard chair.

             On the turn, streamline past the flags: take two strokes off the wall before you breathe. 

             Ask yourself a QUESTION OF THE YEAR.

             Three dolphin kicks on the start and off the turns.

On the Breast Stroke:

             During turns and finish your hands must touch at the same tie and at the same level.

             Only ONE underwater stroke after starts and turns.

             NO SCISSOR KICKING.

On the Back Stroke:

            Always touch the wall with your hand, not your elbow, arm, or head.

            Touch the wall while you are on your back at the finish of the race.



Volume 39 Number 2 Sep. 29, 2021 Cairo, Egypt




Dear Swimmers and Parents,


We would like to take this opportunity to WELCOME 140 swimmers to the Fall season of Age Group Swimming. 




For your safety and to guarantee that everyone has a rewarding experience, please notice these reminders about expected behavior from swimmers participating on the team.

Following CAC Core Values is an expectation from all participants.

Be responsible, Be respectful, Be safe!!!

Changing in the Locker Rooms:   It is expected that swimmers:

Treat each other with respect and care. Please GO to an adult for help!

Always practice safe behavior and show respect for school property.

          Do Not leave personal belongings including clothes, electronics, jewelry in the locker room. These belong IN YOUR SCHOOL BAG which is to be brought onto the pool deck during practice time.




The first event for our season takes place on Thursday, October 14th  from 4:15-8:00 PM.

Teams of mixed-age swimmers (KG-Gr 5 and MS-HS) swim relay style to see which team can swim the MOST LAPS! Each team rotates to swim for 20 minutes blocks for 2 hours sessions. 

After Swim-A-Thon relays are over we will have a Polar Bear Club Surprise event!!!!! (shhhh-it is a secret). 


                                       SWIM-A-THON SCHEDULE


3:15-4:10  PM Monday/Thursday group practice

4:15-4:45  PM Organizing Swim-A-Thon Teams

4:45-5:00  PM Warm-Up.

5:00-7:00  PM Swim-A-Thon

7:00- 7:40 PM Polar Bear Club Event.

7:45-8:00  PM Clean up & Go Home to Sleep !!!!!


Parents and Guardians, we would like to encourage you to help us with organizing and running all Age Group events. Without your help and support, we will not be able to run fun events for our swimmers. Please sign up to volunteer and help us to make your kid’s 

experience is more fun and safe!


                                BUS TRANSPORT – VERY IMPORTANT


If the swimmer is riding the bus. PARENTS are responsible for notifying the motor pool department that they will not ride the bus.


                                                      Signup Form


Please click here to fill the form for each Swimmer.




Aquatics Team.

Coach Tatiana:

Rehab Al 


Degla Dash Results Split by Distance 2021

Distance : 2.5 K
Rank First Name Last Name Bib # Time
1 Mason Kasal 21 15:39:00
2 Nicolas Sanhueza 43 15:41:00
3 Rodrigo Sanhueza 42 15:50:00
4 Michel Hamarneh 30 15:59:00
5 Jasper Domenech Risher 60 17:43:00
6 Beau Benson 26 17:45:00
7 Josephine Allinson 17 18:21:00
8 Deantae Crick 39 18:38:00
9 Andy Kasal 27 18:38:00
10 Amina Bassiouny 32 18:51:00
11 Fenner Kaufman 63 18:55:00
12 Finley Benson 25 18:58:00
13 Brad Benson 24 19:14:00
14 Viktoriia Korol 31 19:44:00
15 Alia Bassiouny 33 19:50:00
16 Sarah ElTatawy 34 19:52:00
17 Omar Bassiouny 40 20:14:00
18 Sterling Johnson 28 20:44:00
19 Nick Kaufman 41 20:45:00
20 Willow Kaufman 64 20:51:00
21 Kyrannie Crick 38 20:52:00
22 Fitz Crick 37 20:58:00
23 Finnegan Ossmann 14 20:57:00
24 Lorna Ossmann 202 21:02:00
25 Queen-ie Allinson 15 21:33:00
26 Caitlin Johnson 29 24:38:00
27 Brian Ossmann 13 24:38:00
28 Leopold Allinson 16 24:39:00
29 Micah Richer 59 27:27:00
Distance : 5 K
Rank First Name Last Name Bib # Time
1 Isaac Holst 254 19:15:00
2 Aly El Hamamsy 233 19:45:00
3 Benjamin Storey 269 20:14:00
4 Youssef Mekawi 257 21:05:00
5 Selim El Hamamsy 220 21:20:00
6 Al Hassan Naguib 263 21:34:00
7 Chadwick Luck 247 22:05:00
8 Matt Friesen 216 22:08:00
9 Nada El Sawy 275 22:33:00
10 Usha Hollema 256 22:34:00
11 Nadia Hamarneh 214 23:00:00
12 Lucas Ossmann 204 23:01:00
13 Ali Azab 207 23:22:00
14 Omar Sherif 200 23:25:00
15 Allan Risseeuw 250 23:25:00
16 Bess Parnell 259 23:26:00
17 Jorge Lozano 267 23:52:00
18 Minjae Kim 266 24:36:00
19 Asher Friesen 234 24:40:00
20 Michael Lesiewicz 223 24:40:00
21 Myer Parnell 225 24:42:00
22 Julian Strasser 228 25:22:00
23 Nayer Haggag 222 25:40:00
24 Aliann Crick 240 25:52:00
25 Karim Abbas 273 26:00:00
26 Ali Mekawi 272 26:00:00
27 Joshua Holst 281 26:39:00
28 Dina Aly 274 26:43:00
29 Nejma Abbas 271 26:44:00
30 Nathan Rotolo 283 26:48:00
31 Tyler McDaniel 235 26:50:00
32 Casey Parnell 217 27:10:00
33 Allyson Arbaugh 262 27:10:00
34 Ivan Moreno 249 27:28:00
35 Liz Lesiewicz 299 28:00:00
36 Ashley Parnell 218 28:10:00
37 Sha Crick 280 28:15:00
38 Ocen Jairus Acosta 229 28:22:00
39 Teo Domenech Risher 285 29:22:00
40 Catalina Sanhueza Schuller 268 29:24:00
41 Habiba Mekawy 248 29:46:00
42 Milan Lambert 246 30:04:00
43 neil lambert 279 30:10:00
44 Lela Abbas 238 30:18:00
45 Tony Rotolo 277 31:20:00
46 Lily Weaver 251 31:24:00
47 Andre Inwani 265 31:24:00
48 Abby Rotolo 282 31:37:00
49 Layla El-Khazindar 242 31:54:00
50 El Mansour Aly 231 32:46:00
51 Jill Tschekunow 201 36:45:00
52 Kieran Ossmann 224 37:52:00
53 Hisham ElKhazindar 284 38:03:00
54 Clara Strasser 212 38:03:00
55 laura sanchez puerta 211 38:47:00
56 Laia Domenech 297 39:50:00
57 Seleem Tamara 264 39:51:00
58 Colton Reccord 226 39:51:00
59 David Allinson 205 39:52:00
60 Peter Hinteregger 219 40:28:00
61 Mohamed El Tawil 221 40:28:00
62 Malika Elshorbagy 12 42:24:00
63 Jaxon Reccord 227

The 25th Mike Ross Degla Dash Friday, September 24, 2021-Wadi Degla

The 25th Mike Ross Degla Dash
Friday, September 24, 2021-Wadi Degla
Register online
Contact CAC Athletics at 2755-5406 or

Dedicated to Mr. Mike Ross — former Physical Education Teacher and coach of Cairo American College who passed away after a short battle with cancer on October 23, 1995–in appreciation for his wisdom and friendship to CAC and its community. The funds raised will be donated to the National Cancer Institute in Egypt. If anyone would like to donate without taking part, then your donation is more than welcome. Please contact the Athletic Office to do so.

Volunteers: First and foremost, if you would like to volunteer your services on the day of the event please contact the Athletic Office immediately. It is important that we have your contact information in order to allocate jobs and plan accordingly.

* 2.5K individual Fun Run/Walk (families welcome)
* 5K individual Cross Country run

Date: Friday, September 24, 2021.


CAC buses will depart from the Front Gate.

Start Time: All races will start at 9:00

Latest Return Time: CAC front gate at approximately 11:30 a.m.

Running Numbers: Will be handed out at the registration table outside the CAC front gate from 7:00 a.m. to 7:45 a.m. You MUST bring your own water, refreshments, and 4 safety pins (to hang your numbered bib).

Results: Will be posted on the CAC website the week following the race.

Online Registration:

Entry Forms: Please register online and pay to the CAC Cashier before 12:00 p.m. Wednesday, September 22, 2021. Any entries after this time will be considered late and incur an extra charge accordingly!
Late Registration: There is a limited late registration on race day between 7:00-7.45 a.m. ONLY.

On-line registration fee: US$ 10 or LE 150 (will be donated to the National Cancer Institute). Payable at the cashier’s office.

Paper or late entry fee: US$ 20 or LE 300. Payable at the Front Gate on race day from 7:00 am-7:45 am

For more information please contact: / 27555406 / 27555428


Pyramids Half Marathon

The Pyramids Half Marathon takes place on Saturday, December 11th, offering three distances – 5K, 10K, & 21K – all of which take place at the last remaining Wonder of the Ancient World.
For  ONE WEEK ONLY  you’ll be able to purchase tickets for just  EGP 500 , our Limited Price Guarantee, before prices increase starting Wednesday, September 8th.
Find all the event information and sign up now:

Upcoming Games Schedule February 7-14, 2020

Upcoming Games Schedule February 7-14, 2020:
  • Friday, Feb. 7. ES Girls and Boys Soccer Tournament hosted @ CAC with Schutz and Hayah. 9:00 am-1:00 pm
  • Sunday, Feb. 9. MS volleyball, CAC @ Hayah, boys, 4:00 pm
  • Sunday, Feb. 9. JV basketball, Hayah JV @ CAC JV boys, 4:00
  • Monday, Feb. 10.  MS volleyball, Hayah @ CAC, girls, 4:00 pm
  • Wednesday, Feb. 12, varsity basketball, Hayah varsity @ CAC JV girls, 4:00 pm
  • Friday, Feb. 14, CISSA JV basketball tournaments, girls @ ISC-C, boys @ AISE

Game schedule week of January 30- February 6

Game schedule week of January 30- February 6:

  • Thursday, January 30, Wrestling exhibition matches in the main gym, 6:30- 8:00 pm
  • Friday, January 31, Dual Swim Meet, 8:30-11:30
  • Wednesday, February 5, MS boys volleyball, Hayah @ CAC, elementary gym, 4:00
  • Wednesday, February 5, varsity boys basketball, CAC @ AISE, 4:00
  • Wednesday, February 5, varsity girls basketball, AISE @ CAC, main gym, 4:00
  • Thursday, February 6, middle school boys, MCS @ CAC, 4:00, outdoor court
  • Thursday, February 6, HS boys basketball, MCS varsity @ CAC JV, 4:00, the main gym.

CAC Wrestling Exhibition Matches.

CAC Wrestling Exhibition Matches.

The CAC wrestling team will hold exhibition matches in the main gym on Thursday, January 30, from 6:30-8:00 p.m.
Please attend to support the wrestlers in their preparations for the upcoming MESAC Invitational Wrestling Meet at AES New Delhi on February 7 and 8.

CAC Booster Club Financial Aid season 2 letter 2019-2020

This email is to inform you of the CAC Booster Club Travel Assistance Program.

The CAC Booster Club supports a limited number of traveling CAC student-athletes each season with a cash grant equal to half of the cost of the athletic/activities trip, not to exceed $500.00 US dollars.

This assistance is available to families on the basis of need, with guidelines listed below:
-Limited to funds on hand as determined by the CAC Booster Club.
-Limited to one time per student, per school year.
-This assistance will be considered for international activities trips and end of season athletic trips (ISAA or other).
-The application process is confidential.
-Applications will be reviewed by a committee that includes a CAC Booster Club member, and four members of the CAC faculty and/or administration.

To apply for travel assistance, please complete all questions in the Google form below. The decisions of the committee are final and will be communicated to the requesting family only.

Financial aid applications will be reviewed for winter sports- wrestling, dance, ISAA trips (girls and boys basketball, girls and boys swimming) and activities trips- THIMUN, AMIS MS Honor Choir, AMIS HS Honor Choir and MS Math Counts.

Please submit applications for travel assistance for all CAC season 2 sports and activities by Thursday, February 20, 2020.

Thanks to all for your continued support of CAC activities and athletics.

Scott Fitzgerald
Athletics & Activities Director

Fall Athletic Awards Night 2019

Fall Athletic Awards Night 2019

All athletes and their families are cordially invited to the Fall Athletic Awards Night on Tuesday, November 26th at 5:30 p.m. in the CAC Theater. The evening will consist of highlights of the season and the culminating season tournament for each team.

Please note that the Most Valuable Player (MVP) and the Coaches’ Choice awards will be presented on stage. The teams to be honored this season are:

Junior Varsity Girls Volleyball

Junior Varsity Boys Volleyball

Varsity Girls Volleyball

Varsity Boys Volleyball

Junior Varsity Girls Soccer

Junior Varsity Boys Soccer

Varsity Girls Soccer

Varsity Boys Soccer

Junior and Varsity Boys and Girls Cross Country

We hope to see you there. This event dress code is formal or in team uniform.

The Athletic Office

ISAA Tournament Results

CAC teams played in the first ISAA tournaments on November 8 and 9, 2019, at 3 locations in London and on in Geneva. Congratulations to all teams for competitive participation in all tournaments.
It is a credit to all schools involved in creating ISAA, and staging the first tournament in the fall of 2019.
See results and photos below.
Girls and Boys varsity and junior cross country at ACS Hillingdon, London:
Junior Girls: CAC 2nd, CAC race winner Usha
Junior Boys: CAC 2nd
Varsity Girls: CAC 9th
Varsity Boys: CAC 3rd, CAC race winner Murad
Overall: CAC 2nd
Girls Soccer @TASIS, London:
CAC varsity girls, 4th of 6 teams
All Tournament Goalkeeper: CAC Hannah
CAC played to a 3-1-1 record following pool play. The tiebreaker put CAC in the 3/4 game, where CAC lost a close game to ISB (Basel), to finish 4th of 6 teams.
Boys Soccer @ TASIS, London:
CAC varsity boys, 5th of 6 teams.
CAC played in 3 close loses on day 1 of pool play, then won the 2 pool games played on day 2. The tiebreaker put CAC in the 5/6 game, where CAC won for the third time on day 2 to finish 5th of 6 teams.
Girls Volleyball @ College Du Leman, Geneva:
CAC varsity girls, 8th of 10 teams.
All Tournament Team: CAC Isabel
CAC played in pool play o days 1
Boys Volleyball @ ACS Egham, London:
CAC varsity boys, 4th of 8 teams.
All Tournament Team: CAC Jonas
CAC played in pool play on days 1 and 2, finishing in 1st place in their pool. In the semi- final game with ISB (Basel), CAC lost a close 3 set match. CAC then played in the 3/4 game, losing in 2 sets to ISD (Dusseldorf), to finish in 4th of 8 schools.

ISAA Tournament Schedules

ISAA Varsity Boys Volleyball Tournament Schedule


08:45 09:00

Coaches meeting


Welcome address

court 1 Pool A

court 2 Pool B













15:10- 16:20









court 1

court 2


Game 1

3rd A v 4th B 

Game 2

3rd B v 4th A


Game 3

1st A v 2nd B

Game 4

1st B v 2nd A


Loser G1 v Loser G2


Winner G1 v Winner 2



Loser G3 v Loser G4

Bronze medal – 3/4


Winner G3 v Winner G4

Championship – 1/2


Presentation ceremony

ISAA Cross Country Tournament Schedule

Friday Nov. 8 





Teams pick up at airport/train stations

All teams arrived to ACS Hillingdon 

Walking the Course at Court Park 

Dinner served in the ACS HIL cafeteria + coaches meeting 

Teams bussed to hotel

Thursday Nov. 9










ASI pick up in Central London 

Team pick up at hotel 

Opening ceremony in the ACS HIL gym 

Teams can begin warm ups as needed 

Junior girls’ race 

Junior boys’ race 

Varsity girls’ race 

Varsity boys’ race

Awards ceremony 

Teams to depart 

2019 ISAA XC Course Map

ISAA Boys Soccer Tournament Schedule 


8.30am TAS vs BSN
8.30am ISG vs ISB
8.30am CAC vs SIS
10.45am ISG vs SIS
10.45am TAS vs CAC
10.45am ISB vs BSN
1.30pm SIS vs TAS
1.30pm BSN vs ISG
1.30pm ISB vs CAC
8.30am TAS vs ISG
8.30am CAC vs BSN
8.30am SIS vs ISG
10.45am ISG vs CAC
10.45am ISB vs TAS
10.45am BSN vs SIS
1pm 5th/6th PLACED GAME
1pm 3rd/4th PLACED GAME
1.30pm FINAL

ISAA Girls Soccer Tournament Schedule


9.30am TAS vs GCOB
9.30am ISG vs ISB
9.30am CAC vs SIS
11.45am ISG vs SIS
11.45am TAS vs CAC
11.45am ISB vs COB
2.30pm SIS vs TAS
2.30pm COB vs ISG
2.30pm ISB vs CAC
9.30am TAS vs ISG
9.30am CAC vs COB
9.30am SIS vs ISG
11.45am ISG vs CAC
11.45am ISB vs TAS
11.45am COB vs SIS
2pm 5th/6th PLACED GAME
2pm 3rd/4th PLACED GAME
2.30pm FINAL

ISAA Girls Volleyball Tournament Schedule 


Group A Group B


Day 1 Court 1 Court 2 LUNCH
7.30 Coaches Meeting
8.00 CDL v TAS Group A CAC v ISE
9.00 HIL v ISG Group B AISI v ISB
10.00 CDL v CAC Group A TAS v HIL JV
11.00 HIL v AISI Group B ISG v BSN 11.45: ISB, TAS
12.00 CDL v ISE Group A CAC v HIL JV 12.30: CDL, ISE, HIL JV, CAC
13.00 HIL v ISB Group B AISI v BSN 13.10: HIL, ISG, AISI, BSN
14.00 CDL v HIL JV Group A TAS v ISE
15.00 HIL v BSN Group B ISG v ISB
16.00 TAS v CAC Group A ISE v HIL JV
17.00 ISG v AISI Group B ISB v BSN
18.00 End of the Day 1


Day 2 Court 1 Court 2
8.30 4th A v 5th B w 5th A v 4th B x
9.30 Winner B v Second A Semi Final Winner A v Second B Semi Final
10.30 3rd B v Winner w y 3rd A v Winner x z
11.30 Loser SF v Loser SF 3rd/4th Loser w v Loser x 9th/10th
12.30 Winner y v Winner z 5th/6th Loser y v Loser z 7th/8th
13.30 Winner SF v Winner SF Final
14.30 Awards Ceremony





Time  Main Gym Court 1-  Near entrance  Result Main Gym Court 2- away from entrance  Result
9:00 G1/2 CAC vs. Hayah ISC-C vs. AISE
9:45 G3/4 CAC vs. Narmer MES vs. ISC-C
10:30 G5/6 Hayah vs. Narmer MES vs. AISE
11:15 G7/8 #1P1 vs. #2P2 #1P2 vs. #2P1
12:00-12:45 Break Break
12:45 #3P1 vs. #3P2  LG7 vs. LG8
1:30 WG7 vs. WG8
2:15 Awards Presentation Awards Presentation





Time  Main Gym Court 1-  Near entrance  Result Main Gym Court 2- Near rear  Result
9:00 G1/2 ISC-C vs. CAC  MES vs. AISE
9:45 G3/4 MES vs. CAC AISE vs. ISC-C
10:30 G5/6 AISE vs. CAC MES vs. ISC-C
11:15-12:00 Break Break
12:00 G7/8 #3 vs. #2 #4 vs. #1
12:45 W G7 vs. W G8  L G7 vs. L G8
1:30 Awards Presentation Awards Presentation

Degla Dash Registration

Dedicated to Mr. Mike Ross – former physical education teacher and coach of Cairo American College who passed away after a short battle with cancer on October 23, 1995.
In appreciation for his wisdom and friendship to CAC and its community, all funds raised will be donated to The National Cancer Institute.
If anyone would like to donate without taking part in the race, your donation is more than welcome.
The Degla Dash online registration link is open now.

Meet The Coaches – Wednesday, September 11th at 5:15 pm

Welcome to our fall season of sports! The CAC athletics department invites you to the MEET THE COACHES meeting on Wednesday, September 11th at 5:15 p.m. at the MS auditorium.

The meeting is designed to allow parents the opportunity to meet with coaches face to face, as well as inform parents of all relevant information pertaining to the season, and end of season tournament travel.

We look forward to sharing information about the exiting fall tournament trips with the NEW league- ISAA.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mr. Scott Fitzgerald, Athletic and Activities Director at 2755-5416. We look forward to meeting with you.

On a final note, the Athletic Department and coaches would like to thank you for your continued and much-welcomed support of our program.

Athletics update – August 29, 2019

CAC Activities and Athletics- 8.29.19


The new school year started with a high school activities and athletics fair where the students spent the start of lunch periods on day 1 and 2 engaging with coaches and activity sponsors to learn more about the programs and sign up for fall sports teams. Students and coaches/sponsors showed enthusiasm for all CAC programs with excellent participation numbers at both the sign up fair and the first days of sports tryouts/practices this week.


CAC Activities:

142 high school students will engage in the following activities during lunch and after school during the year, with multiple opportunities to travel on trips to conferences/events/tournaments.

The enthusiasm shown for these activities at CAC in amazing. 

Student Council Committee, Papyrus,  Math Competition Club, National Honor Society, CAC Honor’s Art Society, INJAZ, NESDA Speech & Debate, CACMUN, World Scholar’s Cup, Arabic Debating Club, Global Issues Services, Chamber Singers, Ultimate Frisbee, Table Tennis Club, HS Drama Performance.


CAC Athletics:

202 high school students took part in tryouts for varsity boys soccer, JV boys soccer, varsity girls soccer, JV girls soccer, varsity boys volleyball, JV boys volleyball, junior and varsity boys and girls cross country and varsity water polo teams on Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday. Enthusiasm and excellent participation numbers were on display for all teams, a very normal and impressive part of CAC high school life. 

The girls and boys varsity soccer, girls and boys varsity volleyball, and girls/boys junior/varsity cross country teams will travel to London and Geneva on November 7-10 for ISAA tournament competition while JV teams play in CISSA championships here in Cairo at the end of the season. Please be on the lookout for emails with information regarding the online travel permission process, and invitations to meet the coaches night for all teams on September 11.


*Travel expenses within and outside of Egypt continue to increase, beyond our control.  Expect price increases for CAC athletic (hotel stays) and activity trips in 2019-2020.