• From the Head Of School
  • Head of School Newsletter – October 2020

    Dear CAC Community,

    Hello from the Office of the Head of School.  I wanted to take this opportunity to again welcome the new families to Cairo American College this year, a total of 144 new students from grades Pk-12.  

    We are happy to have started our school year on schedule after spending a very busy summer researching, planning, and developing our phased reopening plan that is currently in place.  After almost three months back on campus we are pleased to see that our comprehensive mitigation strategies have been effective preventing COVID-19 spread on campus.  In addition, we are also motivated to keep moving forward with our phased reopening with a target of having 100% of our students back on campus, five days a week, by the start of the second semester at the latest.  Currently, we are implementing phase 1.5 and expect the stability of viral transmission to allow a shift to phase 2 starting early in November.  Thank you to the MS and HS principals for presenting to the school community this week to carefully explain what phase 1,5 entails.     

    Beyond the start of the school year encased in comprehensive mitigation strategies, CAC continues to look forward through our yearly school-wide priorities, the CIS/MSA self-study, and planning for the new Strategic Plan.  The administration, faculty, and staff have developed committees to focus on this year’s school-wide goals of well-being, child protection, implementation of the IB Primary Years Program, and addressing diversity, equity, & inclusion topics.  Further committees were established to review, discuss, and respond to the requirements put forth in the CIS/MSA preparatory evaluation report.  Finally, the strategic planning task force will work concurrently with committee chairs to research, develop, and write the next CAC Strategic Plan through 2025.  Inclusive Strategic Planning working groups will emerge over the school year to develop long-term specific priorities.      

    On October 21st the Head of School and Principals will give a brief update on the school year, followed by the opportunity for the school community to ask questions.  Thank you to the PTO for organizing this second opportunity to engage the school leadership team with questions and share any concerns.  

    Thank you for your continued support and positive feedback.  

    Be Safe and Stay Well!  

    Warm regards,
    Dr. Jared Harris
    Head of School

  • From the Head Of School
  • Head of School Newsletter – June 2020

    Dear CAC Community,

    Congratulations and well wishes to our community on completing the 2019-2020 school year.  As I have shared many times over the past three months, it is through our CAC collective strength, our passion toward learning and community, and our never ending devotion to our children that has facilitated our ability to emerge from a crisis with strength and solidarity.  

    To our departing families:  we will miss you dearly.  Your lovely voices, smiles, and spirits will remain with us, and we wish you warm farewells as you depart Egypt on to your next journey.  To our returning families:  we long for the return to our CAC campus for learning, fun, relaxation, and celebrations.  We are currently awaiting the government decree that would allow campus access again.  Once our campus is open again for use this summer, there will be a digital sign-up that will ensure proper risk mitigation and capacity controls for the fields, weight room, and swimming pool.  Please stay-tuned for additional updates soon.   Finally, to our families new to CAC:  welcome to our dynamic learning community.  We look forward to meeting with all of you in person soon.  Be assured, your time at CAC will be incredible, new friendships will be quickly forged, and you will be forever changed.  CAC is a special place!  

    Creeping into the summer break, much uncertainty remains in the world.  International borders continue to be closed, air travel continues to be at levels not seen since the 1950s, and the majority of the world economy is still at least partially closed.  As we all slowly move into our new normal lives over the coming two months, the CAC team will be closely monitoring education trends and local government decrees to prepare for our opening on August 18th.   

    Assuming that government permission is given to resume learning at schools, one of three scenarios will greet families on August 18th:  face to face learning with mitigation efforts in place, a rotational hybrid model with some grades coming to campus while others do e-learning, or e-learning school-wide until the permission to restart learning on campuses is given by the government.  As these plans are fully developed over the summer break, more will be shared.  We hope for more certainty about which learning scenario will be implemented by mid July.     

    Please closely monitor e-mails and updates from the divisional principals over the summer for important updates.  We are hopeful that our campus will open for community hours and visitors late June as the government loosens restrictions. 

    Thank you for your continued support and positive feedback.  

    Be Safe and Stay Well!  

    Warm regards,


    Dr. Jared Harris

    Head of School

  • From the Head Of School
  • CAC Head of School News – April 2020

    Dear CAC Community,

    There is no place like home, and I am proud to call Cairo American College my home.  The strength that I have garnered through CAC’s collective spirit has provided the mental and professional energy required to lead our community during these difficult times.  We are writing history for future generations of CAC families to read about, and to celebrate how through good and bad times, CAC is a community that can’t be broken.  The passion, love, and enthusiasm for life and learning that reverberates through our community guarantees that the ‘khamsin’ winds of change will fill our sails, rather than tearing them to shreds.     

    Through uncertainty, CAC has continued to be a leader in our community as our staff, students, and faculty joined together to provide meals for health workers, 3D print face shields for hospitals, and donate funds to help feed the underprivileged.  Cloth masks have been made for donations, videos for strength and courage, and educational mitigation steps  shared to schools in need.  Our community has shown remarkable civic responsibility by role modeling social-distancing, working from home, and wearing masks when outside.  Thank you to the many who do so much, not just for CAC, but for those living in Maadi and in greater Cairo.   

    At a time when understandably our parent community would not have the stamina to offer even more, we witnessed just the opposite.  The Spring Board elections saw a larger than normal pool of extremely qualified individuals jump at the opportunity to provide strategic governance to our school.  The first ever, virtual ‘meet the candidate’ evening was a huge success, with the virtual attendance setting record as many logged-in to hear the passionate candidates field questions from participants.  In the end, the overall community was well represented in the audited voting protocol, which saw Hassan Abdou and Amal Soliman be elected to serve two-year terms as new members to our Board of Trustees.   

    The closure of campus and suspension of learning at CAC also did not stop the Annual General Meeting (AGM) this month.  The first ever virtual event was likely the best attended AGM ever, with community members logging-in to hear informative annual updates from the Chair of the Board of Trustees, the Head of School, Principals, and Board Committee Chairs.  The common theme in all the presentations was one of learning, exploring, and having fun at CAC.  School-wide objectives and goals have been met, and the 2015 Strategic Plan about to be closed.  The CIS reaccreditation self-study was completed, and CAC is ready to help pilot one of the first ever CIS Virtual Reaccreditation Visit.  Again, CAC is positioned to be a leader as international schools move through uncharted waters.  We are trailblazers, moving forward in safe and optimistic ways.      

    Next month will see CAC continue to move through uncharted waters as we wait for the government update on the suspension of classes at schools and other mitigation measures.  Being a school that is forward thinking, the administrative team continues to plan different scenarios that could allow, if safe and approved, for a gradual return to campus for some grades in May/June, or if not then, to ensure that August 18th will be a day to greet our students and parents back on campus.  Time will tell, and CAC will be prepared for whatever scenario that we are presented.

    Finally, please remember to take the community satisfaction surveys that were shared via e-mail on April 30th.

    Thank you for your continued support and positive feedback.  

    Be Safe and Stay Well!  

    Warm regards,

    Dr. Jared Harris

    Head of School


  • From the Head Of School
  • CAC Head of School News – March 2020

    Dear CAC Community,

    Thank you so much for the support over the past week Cairo American College community.  The past seven days sent the world into uncharted waters as the rapid spread of the coronavirus forced world governments to make unprecedented decisions to enforce restrictions that many of us have never experienced before.  The unique characteristics of this world crisis, however upsetting, also presents our world leaders the opportunity to join together, to role model how collaboration and teamwork can solve massive problems.  

    As we continue on this journey together, I also ask all of you to think deeply about the long-term mental health issues that can arise out of crises.  Please practice self-care, please role model to our children level-headedness and a we can solve difficult problems attitude, and most importantly – be good to yourself and to those around you.  We will get through this, and we will be a stronger, brighter, and more empathic world community in the future. We have to believe this.     

    It is difficult to shift into talking about upcoming events, as there is so much uncertainty facing our school and the planet.  However, there are important events approaching, so please do review the school calendar and regularly check the COVID-19 button on the home page of our website.

    The Board of Trustees election timeline starts next week as interested candidates should email an interest statement to Trustee Ursula Hammerich uhammerich@gmail.com by March 29.  On March 30 there will be a virtual candidate information session at 5:00pm, and candidate statements and pictures will be shared with the community on April 7th.  Then April 22nd, after the Board AGM, there will be a meet the candidate evening. Also please feel-free to email ngawal@cacegypt.org with any questions about the Board Election Timeline and/or process.


    March 30 –                Virtual candidate information meeting
    April 7 –                     Candidates Statement and picture posted and shared with parents
    April 22 –                   Meet the candidates
    April 23 –                   Electronic voting
    April 23, 27, 28 –       Live voting on campus
    April 20 –                   Results announced 


    Wishing everyone a restful and safe Spring Break.  

    Warm regards,

    Dr. Jared Harris
    Head of School

  • From the Head Of School
  • CAC Head of School News – February 2020

    Dear CAC Community,

    The American Novelist, John Gardner, said “We know that where community exists it confers upon its members identity, a sense of belonging, and a measure of security”.  Cairo American College, through 74 years of history, has evolved into one of the most well-known American International [community] Schools in the world. Ask any of the 1000s of individuals who have spent time at CAC to describe the experience in one word, and most often that word will be community.  Please take a moment over the next month to follow CAC’s social media sites to see how many of our alumni describe #cacin3words.  

    February 14, 2020 was an important date not only as the traditional day to shower our loved ones with attention, but it also was the date of the Annual CAC PTO Gala.  There are not enough words to express thanks to the members of our community that spent nearly a year organizing the Gala, ensuring that every possible fine detail was planned to perfection.  Over 300 individuals enjoyed the evening telling stories, laughing at jokes, and dancing the night away. What a community we have! In addition, three very important contributors to our community were recognised by the CAC Board of Trustees with the Core Values Award.  Congratulations to Carmen Allison, Courtney Bailey, and Nadia Rashad(received her award at ES assembly).  



    Dr. Ron Lalonde, the Positive Education and Well-Being expert consulting with CAC this year shared that Cairo American College is without a doubt leading the international school world in our consistent and long-term approach to embedding well-being into the ethos of all that we do at CAC.  During the week of Feb 16-20, Dr. Lalonde conducted well-being workshops and led well-being conversations with all members of our community including students, faculty, support staff, and parents. Moreover, he observed classes, met with small groups of students, and even offered 1:1 coaching with community members.  CAC is excited to continue this year focusing on learning about the science of well-being, before the transition next year to teaching and embedding well-being into our PK-12 curriculum.  


    For those who were not able to attend the HoS Coffee last week or the open Board meeting, here is a summary of the many exciting events across the three divisions at CAC:

    High School

    University admission update from the high school as of February 13:

      • 40 of 63 seniors have at least 1 admission offer
      • 87 different admission offers, from 65 universities, in 5 countries
      • America, Canada, France, Italy, U.K.
    • THIMUN event was a huge success
    • Robotics Competition 2nd place
    • Wrestling Tournament 2nd place in India

    Middle School

    • X-Block initiative continues
    • Discussion-based, student-led learning (Harkness)
    • Talent Show
    • Math Counts Team 2nd place in India
    • Sports season started
    • AMIS Choir to Munich next week
    • ISTA Theater Festival in March

    Elementary School

    • Primary Years Program (PYP) Framework
    • Grade 1 cultural visit to pyramids
    • Grade 2 visit service-learning trip to Tawasol NGO School
    • Grade 3 and KG writing buddies collaboration
    • Spelling Bee competition 
    • ES Soccer Tournament – Welcoming community schools
    • ES Peter Pan Jr. Production next week 

    Many thanks to our friends at the U.S. Embassy Health Unit, the Naval Medical Research Unit Cairo, and World Health Organization Cairo for providing expert information to help with community updates on the Novel Coronavirus.  As shared in the weekly updates, CAC will continue to monitor and mitigate as recommended by the WHO, CDC, and other experts.  

    There are many community events approaching in the coming weeks, be sure to review the calendar and watch for updates via our communication channels.  Spring Break is fast approaching, so happy planning for the March 22-28 break.

    Have a terrific weekend, and wonderful month.

    Dr. Harris

    Head of School


  • From the Head Of School
  • Head of School Newsletter January 2020

     Dear Cairo American College Community,

    Happy New Year!  The start of a new decade presents our Cairo American College community with the opportunity to reflect on the past and envision the new future.  Much of the residual gloom and doom of the 2010 decade is over, replaced by stability, enthusiasm, and new aspirations. The coming decade will provide opportunities for CAC to refine our identity, make strategic adjustments to ensure our Pk-12 curriculum stays relevant, and to set a future course where CAC takes a more predominant role being a global leader in academics, athletics, activities, and the arts.  

    During the 2020-2021 year, CAC will be in the middle of both the CIS/MSA re-accreditation process and writing the CAC 2025 Strategic Plan.  The accreditation process provides critical feedback for the school to develop ambitious improvement plans that will then provide guidance for the strategic planning process.  The school community will be invited to participate in committees and focus groups during this process to ensure that voices are heard and focus is maintained during the 2020 decade.  Exciting times ahead. 

    Over the Winter vacation, a major milestone was completed in the high school renovation project, as the massive air handling units were moved from storage in the old middle school building to the high school site.  This process required extensive study, planning, and team cooperation to ensure safety protocols were adhered to, and the task would be completed without incident. Congratulations to our Project Management Office, COSMOS our consultant, and Hassan Allam for the excellent work.  The target date for the high school renovation project completion continues to be July 2020, with a 2020-2021 School Year opening. 

    Later this month, there will be two open parent meetings to hear more about the elementary school’s journey toward applying the IB Primary Years Program Framework.  This shift toward using the PYP framework will allow better Pk-12 vertical alignment of our teaching and learning practices without changing the current U.S. standards-based curriculum, the use of the Readers and Writers Workshop Model, the adoption of NGSS Standards, and our other American based approaches to education. 

    Finally, please stay up to date with the divisional principal updates and those from our Parent-Teacher Organization and Booster Club.  Moreover, please be ready to join in on the planning for CAC’s 75th celebration.  

    Have a wonderful month, and welcome to the new decade.

    Dr. Harris,

    Head of School


  • From the Head Of School
  • Head of School Newsletter – December 2019

    Dear Cairo American College Community,

    Season’s Greetings to everyone in our wonderful CAC community.  Time has swiftly passed by over the first half of the school year, and here we are at the start of winter break.  There has been much to celebrate over the past months at CAC, as our rich academic, athletic, arts, and activity programs engaged our students in multiple domains and areas of development.  Whole-child development continues to be at the heart of all we do in our learning community.

    Heartfelt thank you to our entire school community, CAC would not be the amazing institution we are without the enormous amount of collaborative effort put forth from our faculty, staff, students, parents, board of trustees, and administrative team.  

    Please take time over the next three weeks to relax, rejuvenate, and enjoy spending time with your loved ones no matter where in the world you may be.  I look forward to seeing everyone back here at Cairo American College on the 12th of January, 2020 as will leap into the new decade. Thank you again for the opportunity to lead such an amazing community, there is no better place in the world than Maadi and CAC!

    Here are a few photos celebrating what I love most about being an educator at CAC.  

    Warmest regards,

    Dr. Harris, Head of School

  • From the Head Of School
  • Head of School News – November 2019

    Incredible as it may seem, we are quickly approaching the end of the first semester of the 2019-2020 school year.   There was a tremendous amount of energy reverberating through Cairo American College over the past four weeks, way of our many campus traditions and activities.  More than 100 students from many different schools around greater Cairo attended our 41st Annual CACMUN conference, one of the most successful and long-standing conferences in the world.  The annual Halloween Festival proved to be a tremendous success with 100s of CAC students, across all divisions, having fun playing games, eating snacks, and experiencing a friendly scare in the Haunted House.  The Pumpkin Patch, added an exceptional opportunity for families and students to experience the traditional American activity used to celebrate the Fall season – thank you to the Booster Club for this creative extension.    

    On November 15th, over 1000 community members swarmed CAC’s campus to experience a vast array of tantalizing appetizers representing the 53 nationalities that are present in the CAC student body.  The annual International Day celebration organized and facilitated by our Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), provided an opportunity for our school and neighborhood communities to join together to celebrate culture, customs, and languages.  This important annual tradition is also aligned with one of the school-wide goals this year – to discuss, nurture, and embed Internationalism into the ethos of all we do at CAC. The most recent initiative is to have all 53 CAC student nationalities highlighted by flags in the main lawn upon entering campus.  

    Sports fans and CAC athletes were able to celebrate two very important events over the past month.  CAC hosted the International School of Brussels varsity boys soccer team for a city-wide invitational during the last week of October.  The three day sporting event engaged our community as we came together to host visiting athletes, and to celebrate the friendships that are developed during these important competitions.  One of the visiting coaches from ISB shared:

    We are back in Belgium after an adventure of a lifetime. The boys met their parents at the airport with stars in their eyes and many stories to tell.

    I would like to thank [CAC] deeply for inviting us over. You went out of your way to make this trip a “Magic” experience for the ISB VB soccer team. You allowed our boys to emerge fully in a different culture; from the visit of historical sites, the tasting of local food, the felucca sail on the Nile and the housing with CAC families to the building of long lasting friendship with the boys from CAC team. You ran a great tournament within a nice campus atmosphere. In addition, the access to a classroom, pool and field was a big plus for us. From arrival to departure, you looked at every detail and made this journey a fun, rich and enjoyable one.

    Let us work on what we believe in “Giving the chance for young people to grow throughout a trip like this one”. Let us include the girls and keep this partnership alive.

    Please forward our gratitude to your boys, parents, Claire and CAC community.

    This special testimonial speaks loads to the openness, friendliness, passion, and inclusive perspective of our school community.  Well done CAC.  

    Second, after a tumultuous 15-month journey from departing the ISST tournament to co-creating the new inclusive International School Athletic Association (ISAA) athletic conference, the inaugural tournament arrived on November 8 in London and Geneva.  So many thanks are owed to the Athletic Directors, coaches, and Head of Schools at CAC, BSN, TASIS, and AISI (among others) for their hard work, courage, creativity, and commitment to tournament inclusion. Our varsity girls and boys teams spent a memorable several days at the respective tournaments pushing their physical limits, in addition to forging new friendships across nationalities.  Congratulations ISAA!

    Academically, all our PK-12 students have spent memorable days learning, exploring, and having fun.  Grade 12 students sent off their first round of early college applications, and for the first time the entire IBDP cohort finished their Extended Essays in November!  MS students continued their experiential learning activities in X-block, in addition to enriching learning activities from music to math. Finally our Lower School students continued their learning journey through language arts, math, science and all the other core and elective options.  CAC is the place to be, and a place to flourish.

    Hoping everyone in our special community is ready for the final push into the holiday season, as there is plenty of learning to accomplish, and a whole lot of fun awaiting us all! 

    Warm regards,

    Dr. Jared Harris, Head of School 

  • From the Head Of School
  • Head of School Newsletter – October 2019

    Warm greetings to the Cairo American College community.  The past month was full of special moments, rich learning opportunities, and the unexpected challenges that arise in a dynamic and high functioning school community.  Let me start out by speaking on behalf of our entire school community to offer heart-felt condolences to the members of our school community that lost loved ones over the past month.  Please know that your families are in our thoughts and that our community will dearly miss your loved ones.  

    There is a lot to celebrate over the previous weeks in terms of learning, exploring, having fun, and living the CAC core values.  In each division of our school students were challenged to stretch their thinking, consolidate their learning, and of course be challenged to practice new skills and knowledge through paced formative and summative learning exercises.  The Elementary School is finishing math week, a dynamic time of traditional and experiential learning activities designed to help instill a passion for problem-solving. There have also been many activities and athletic options to ensure the well-rounded American educational model is delivered.  In addition, big-picture educational conversations are focused on internationalism and school-wide curriculum alignment with the Primary Years Program (PYP) feasibility study. 

    The Middle and High School students are still radiating excitement due to the rich experiences offered through Cairo American College’s experiential learning programs:  MS Prime Trips and HS WWW offerings. Whether students enjoyed the well-planned out enrichment activities here in the Cairo community or were part of the jet-setting group engaging in service-learning, adventure, or academic experiences around the world, all were guaranteed meaningful interchanges to both grow as individuals and as a collective whole.  Moreover, MS launched the innovative X-block initiative in October and the high school is preparing for one of the most well-respected regional Model United Nations Conferences with CACMUN starting this afternoon.  

    Activity in the Head of School’s office was equally meaningful and exciting as I worked closely with the school-wide leadership team and Board of Trustees to launch the 2020-2021 faculty and administrative hiring season, moving forward with the phase III construction project, and researching and crafting a CAC air monitoring and mitigation procedure guide.  In addition, to ensure that I stay engaged in our school community, I found time to volunteer in the Spirit Store, participate in appraising faculty, chaperone a student trip, and collaborate with faculty to lead the first school-wide well-being/wellness Tuesday event. 

    It is exciting to look at the steady progress being made on the high school renovation.  The contractor, consultant, and project managing team have been working together to prepare the site for the complicated work of finishing the project.  After many months of being idle, there was a tremendous amount of site preparation required to get the project ready for the finishing work that will continue in the coming months.  As the completion timeline is finalized a more precise completion date will be shared with the community.   

    A topic of growing importance due to the poor air quality in Cairo is CAC’s air monitoring and mitigation procedures.  Over the past two months, an enormous amount of time and effort was dedicated to researching and developing a CAC air monitoring and mitigation procedure to be followed throughout the school year.  Scientific papers were studied, conversations started, opinions considered, peer school air quality monitoring procedures reviewed, and expert advice sought during this process. Today, the HoS and Director of Finance and Operations met with a group of air quality experts from Cairo University (The Center for Hazard Mitigation and Environmental Studies and Research) to discuss our current mitigation procedure and other topics.  They will return next week to conduct scientific analyses of multiple air samples from around the campus and inside learning spaces. The results will be informative to better understand the precise nature of the air quality at CAC, in addition to later seeking further studies to examine the meteorological patterns that impact air movement around CAC’s campus. CAC will publish the approved Air Quality Monitoring and Mitigation Guide in the coming weeks.  In addition, over the past week, CAC rapidly created and executed an air purifier distribution program as a mitigation step during poor air quality times.  

    Please review the school calendar to prepare for the many exciting community events that are rapidly approaching.  The 41st Annual CACMUN Conference started this morning and will continue through Sunday. In addition, the annual Halloween Carnival is soon, and International Day.  Finally, please take a minute to complete the recent survey that was sent out concerning CAC’s communication protocols, as we are working hard to find the best methods to ensure a fluid flow of information from the school to the home.  

    Warmest regards,


    Dr. Jared Harris

    Head of School   

  • From the Head Of School
  • Head of School Newsletter – September 2019

    The red, blue, pink, and white tree blooms around campus blend with the cooling temperatures to welcome our school community to the second month of classes.  Please take a few minutes while on campus over the next few weeks to enjoy the tree colors before they begin the winter rest.  

    So much has happened over the past four weeks on campus, it is difficult to know where to place emphasis.  To begin, a thank you goes out to our support staff, grounds keepers, drivers, security team, and all the others that ensure the vitality of our campus and the smooth day to day operations.  Without their endless amount of dedication our wonderful staff, faculty, and administration would be unable to deliver a high quality academic, activity, athletic, and arts experience. It is CAC’s ability to effectively blend these programs that contributes to the outstanding educational experience that Cairo American College offers.  

    Over the past two days, our school-based learning community (teachers, staff, administration, support staff, executive assistants) came together to explore the Science of Well-Being with a visiting consultant.  The fundamental question we were collectively considering was this: How do we put well-being at the heart of everything we do at CAC. Through reflection, conversation, and games an initial common language was established to lay the foundation for ‘Learning to Flourish’, with the long-term plan to embed school-wide practices which align with the principles of supporting well-being within our individuals and within our community.  All this work is very much supportive of our school’s mission and core values.  

    As shared last month, the school community was incredibly excited to welcome current NASA astronaut Ricky Arnold, and former international teacher, to Cairo American College this month.  Mr. Arnold spent multiple days on campus speaking to students and faculty about his time on the Space Shuttle and most recently nearly a year aboard the International Space Station. He shared many inspirational stories about internationalism, the creative human spirit, the state of exploration, and about the needed future work in space exploration.  His time at CAC concluded with an open community event where he was joined by other explorers, adventurers, and a CAC Senior in a panel discussion in the CAC Theater.     






    It was wonderful to see the many parents at our Peace Day assembly this morning joining our 810+ students, staff and faculty.  The CAC mixed choir started out with a lovely song, followed by the MS slam poets, HS actors, the ES choir, and finished with the ES singers leading our entire community in the CAC Peace Chain song.  The most important message I wanted to share with the school community was the challenge to
    resist the overwhelming messages of fear and negativity coming from mass media, in an effort to switch our perspective to one of optimism and positivity.  As shared by the author Gregg Easterbrook in his book It’s Better than it Looks:  Reasons for optimism in an age of fear “Optimism is the conviction that problems can be solved if we celebrate the successes of the world, and work on the deficits.”  The book is a brilliant read, highlighting that almost every meaningful measure shows that the world is better than it has ever been.  In most countries around the world disease, crime, discrimination, and most forms of pollution are in decline, in addition to radical reductions in extreme poverty and nearly complete stabilization in global economies.  The world has lots to celebrate, and, we must also work on problems and injustices through a lens of optimism. According to Flock (2018) without optimism we cannot hope to improve, we lack the trust to work with strangers, wellbeing will not improve, and we will not find wisdom.  Let’s choose positivity and optimism as a CAC school community.  

    Moving into October, our community will continue to Learn, Explore, and have Fun.  Week Without Walls trips, PRIME trips, CACMUN, musical productions, sports tournaments, and more will keep us all actively engaged.  Enjoy the weekend, and be well.


    Dr. Jared Harris

    Head of School