Meet the PTO Executive Board!


In an effort to make things more personal in these highly virtual times, we wanted to introduce ourselves.  We hope to “see you” virtually at our next Zoom PTO meeting on Aug., 30th at 5pm.

Ivana Lawrence:  President

I have the pleasure of serving as the president of PTO during my fourth and final year here at CAC. Embracing a diverse community comes naturally to me: I identify both as Bosnian and American, and I deeply appreciate the opportunity to live and work in places where I can learn  from the local culture.

I have studied languages and literature in several countries, and  worked in the field of communication and international cooperation before becoming a Mother. And then, my two boys became the sole focus of my studies and work. I went back to my family tradition of herbalism, which has since become my cherished hobby.

In the school year that is starting this week, I see incredible opportunities, despite the challenges and limitations that COVID-19 has introduced in our routines.

My goal for the PTO is to re-energize our organization, come up with innovative ways to serve and engage the community, and help bring our diversity of opinions together. If you are as excited as I am, reach out to us at the PTO and join us, or at least send us your ideas, and together we’ll make this school year a great one!



Nina El Shabrawy:  Vice President

Nevine (Nina) El Shabrawy is a CAC lifer alumnus who started her relationship with CAC in 1986. She was born and raised in Egypt by an American mother (who taught at CAC) and an Egyptian father. Nina has worked in publishing, journalism, photography and teaching and holds Masters degrees in Business Administration, Screenwriting, and most recently, Education.

Nina has two daughters at CAC – Lara (9th grade) and Sophie (5th grade). Her volunteer work at CAC started in High School as the Student Representative on the committee to change the vision and mission of the school. More recently, as a parent, Nina has worked on the Book Fair, been a Room Parent numerous times, and has been the Elementary School photographer for the yearbook.  She is working on the 75th Anniversary project this year as well.

Nina is super excited for the opportunity to help the PTO at the executive level as Vice President, where she will oversee our Committees. It takes a village, so let her know if you’d like to help out this year!



Sara Salaheldin:  Secretary

In the previous years since she arrived in Egypt, Sara has volunteered at CAC and was a member of the Booster Club. She is excited about being able to contribute to CAC as a member of the PTO. Sara was born in Egypt but soon after moved away only to return two years ago. Relocating here from Maryland, she has a daughter, Lily, starting seventh grade this year.

After growing up as an expat all her life living in different countries and loving it, she is eager to give her daughter a similar adventure. In the past two years she has volunteered with some CAC projects as well as being a member of the Booster Club. Sara has a BS in Graphic Design and looks forward to finishing up her Master’s Degree in education as well as seeing what this coming year holds for all of us!



Salma Zaky:  Treasurer

Salma Zaky is the mother of Ahmed K. in first grade. She is currently a Program Manager at Fund for Teachers, a US-based national non-profit, where she oversees the distribution of nearly one million dollars in grants to teachers to pursue self-designed professional development opportunities. Prior to this, Salma served as the Head of Community Services Relations in Apache Corporation Egypt focusing on “Springboard – One Room Schools for Egypt’s Girls,” a system of girls schools built to support the Girls’ Education Initiative of Egypt’s National Council for Childhood and Motherhood. During her tenure, Springboard built 201 schools for over 7,000 girls.

Salma received her BS in Computer Science from the American University in Cairo and is pursuing her MBA specializing in Strategic Planning.  Education is a vital concern to Salma, and she is excited for the new school year and for all the great work that lies ahead for the PTO.



Margaret Friar:  Outreach Coordinator

My family and I arrived in Cairo last year and have found CAC to be a thriving and energetic environment. I am a registered U.S. Architect and have had the opportunity to work in the US and abroad, as we have lived in a number of countries around the world.  We’ve had the opportunity to embrace many cultures as we’ve moved, and I truly  believe that offering the skills that I’ve learned in my career as an Architect and as a Parent is the best way to further build our community.

While living in London prior to our move here, I was a Co-Founder of an organization called NW3 Green School Runs. Our group came together as parents to address the issue of air quality in our area of London.  We were able to get Heads of Schools together from competing private schools for round-table discussions with each other, as well as local government officials and politicians.  That was a rewarding experience! I hope to use my communication and interpersonal skills to further encourage a valuable link between parents, faculty, and staff.

I currently hold a position at the US Embassy that brings people together, helps individuals and families get settled into their new homes, and even connects them to other networks. I am also involved with our church Worship Team and Women’s Program at Maadi Community Church. Friends and colleagues know me as someone with high energy and passion for my work, and I plan to bring those attributes to the PTO.



Dr. Ericka Galegher:  Elementary School Head of Room Parents

Dr. Ericka Galegher initially arrived to the sandy shores of Alexandria, and thirteen years, one Ph.D. and three children later she is still here. Ericka has served in a variety of roles in the education field from a teacher, administrator, researcher and now a CAC parent.

She has been a member of the CAC community since 2010 along with her husband, a CAC alumnus. She intends to use her experience from these differing roles to facilitate a cooperative and communicative relationship between the PTO and the wider CAC community.

With a Ph.D. in Comparative and International Education, she works as an educational consultant and researcher specializing in international schools, culturally responsive pedagogy, and education for im/migrant and marginalized communities. She is kept busy by her three sons, the oldest in kindergarten, and enjoys escaping the city to the solitude of her family’s olive farm.



Mariam Faltas:  Elementary School CAF

Mariam Faltas was born and raised in Egypt and studied Economics and Art. She is a mother of two children, Alex a first grader at CAC and Lucia, a 3 year old.

Mariam holds a firm belief in the significance of parents’ role within the school community and how active participation helps build a solid relationship between school and the school community as a whole.  She will work to help facilitate communication between the ES principal, PTO board and ES parents. She is also looking forward to help organize more activities where ES students can be more involved in doing charity work and more!



Tatiana Foda:  Middle School CAF

Tatiana comes from an Egyptian home with German Brazilian roots. She understands the challenges and privileges that come with a multicultural upbringing and education. Full time mother of four (one university graduate, one college student, Zein-grade 8, and Ahmed-grade 1)  and former teacher, she is a firm believer in the importance of a partnership between the parent community  and the school.

CAC has been home to her husband, brothers and now her kids and she is hoping to help make it home to the kids and families that are joining or returning during these difficult times.  Tatiana looks forward to getting kids and families involved “hands-on” in various charities and to organizing and helping out with the many events that make this community strong and unique.



Nada Doraid:  High School CAF

Nada Doraid, MPH is a true Maadi native as both her father’s and mother’s families moved here in the early 1930s two blocks away from each other. As the daughter of an Egyptian diplomat, she spent much of her schooling at American international schools across the world and Egyptian schools. Hence, she fully understands what it means to be the new kid and is here to help with the hand-holding needs of all student & teacher families.

Pursuing interests in public health focused on child and lifespan development became her passion after her children, Noor R. (10th grade) and Adam R. (7th grade), were born in Atlanta, GA. That is when Nada decided she wanted to dedicate her career to health behavior and human lifespan development. She was no longer interested in her former job at the IFC, World Bank, and instead pursued a Masters in Public Health, at Georgia State University. Focused on health promotion with a strong interest in addressing the health divide.

To meet the growing needs of her children and community she became certified in youth sports nutrition & nutrition for disease prevention. As her children got older, she is now also assisting other groups & institutions. Nada is a runner and is available to help integrate others into local running communities. Give her a shout-out anytime if you need help finding running buddies!