7 tips to reading a poem

  1. When reading a poem it’s not very logical most of the time, do not read the words read the meaning.
  2. There are no types of poems but it can be easier to think of certain poems as a type of poem.
  3. If you don’t understand a poem reread it
  4. It’s easier to understand a poem if you read it more than once
  5. No 2 poems are the same, don’t think of them as the same.
  6. A poem does not always need to have rhyme or reason
  7. Many different poems can mean a similar thing without having the same wording
  8. Try and draw a picture in your mind while reading a poem.

English 9 , Alexander’s Blog post: How does Mildred symbolize all thats wrong with society?

Mildred from Fahrenheit  451 is a great example of everything wrong in society based on their actions, every single actions has a dark or light meaning, there is no in between. They are constantly doing something to show us why we should hate this society.  All they do is something worth being called a stereotype and an example of how a dystopian society is not a good thing. She is addicted to her TV, but the addiction is juts a cover up. She actually has very painful feelings to hide using the TV.