How to Read a Poem!

Top 7 Tips to Reading a Poem!

  1. Reading the poem out loud: Reading the poem out loud can help you hear yourself speaking the poem. It can also help with understanding the poem when said out loud.
  2. Re-reading the poem: Re-reading the poem well always helps in a passage or verse the reader is struggling with. The more the reader re-reads the poem, the more sense the poem is
  3. Imagine the authors emotion and intentions: The author of a poem always gives hidden messages in a poem, a way to find out these hidden messages are by being in the authors shoes.
  4. Describe key words and phrases: Describing the key words or phrases in a poem helps grasp the main idea of the poem for the reader.
  5. Think about questions: Thinking about questions helps you find the answer to the question, making the poem easier to understand. For example, who was the speaker in the poem? Finding out that question can help you understand who the subject of the poem is.
  6. Look up words that you don’t understand: If you struggle to understand the poem due to many words that you do not understand, then the poem will not make sense, always search up all the words before trying to find the meaning.
  7. Poems cannot be paraphrase:If you paraphrase a poem to a way you think is easier to read, it will ruin the meaning of the poem. Paraphrasing poems will not make any sense, due to the fact that every word in the poem has a different meaning that cannot be paraphrased.



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Dystopian Short Story- The Pride of the Prince BEGINNING

In the year 2025, scientist finally cured the corona virus and experimented more on the virus itself. Those who were survivors of the virus achieved a strange unique power, which gave them the ability to have almost 1000 times the strength of a normal human being. Soon later, a war has waged between the power of human beings, people attempted to take over countries with such power. And that caused such a dangerous war, that it wiped out around 74% of the human population. It is now 2057, and people have evolved into a world with no modern government, and resulted to monarchy.

The king of a new country called Egyptair, which contained around 11% of the worlds population, had a prince named Amir, who was around 10,000 times the normal strength of a human being, and he was only 13 years old. He would have people bow down to him when greeting him, and servants would give him his showers and feed him. He lived like a spoiled prince, he didn’t care about anything because he was already the strongest in his country, and no one was near him in power.

The prince would usually destroy mountains with his pinky just so he can let out a little bit of frustration. He didn’t care about anyone at all, not even his father the king. One day, aliens from another solar system came to earth, one alien came out of the ship when the ship was still in the stratosphere, and a small version of the sun came from the tip of his finger. He releases the ball onto the planet, and the king knew right away that the ball from the sky would destroy them.

He quickly took a space pod and told his son to enter. “What is happening father, what is this ball of fire?” Amir said. “This is not the time for questions, get in!” the king quickly shoved his son inside the space pod, and the pod flew up to the sky without Amir saying anything more to his father. The entire planet was destroyed, everyone died in the explosion of the planet. The space pod that Amir was inside of entered the mothership of the aliens. He landed roughly onto the storage of the mother ship and passed out from the landing.  

He woke up to find himself surrounded by aliens, the prince quickly freaked out and attempted to escape, but these aliens were much stronger than Amir thought. “There is no need to act so rough monkey.” the alien that destroyed the earth entered the room, and every alien around him bowed. Amir did not know that the alien that entered just destroyed the earth, so he had no hatred against him, but he was still furious from being kidnapped.

“How dare you kidnap me! I am the prince of Egyptair, and I am basically the strongest human on the planet. What makes you think you have the right?” He then got hit extremely hard by an alien soldier and flew to the wall of the ship. “Show some respect to lord Chilled, the strongest being in the entire universe!” Lord chilled punched the soldier in the stomach so hard, that the punch went through him. “I did not give you permission to speak, and don’t hit our new slave on his first day.” The soldier fell to the ground, with blue blood coming out of him.

“You have extremely strong strength for a monkey, you will serve me and nothing else, is that understood?” Amir was so frightened from what he just experienced, that he agreed with no hesitation from the fear of his new ruler. 2 years have passed, and Amir was able to get 24,000 times stronger than human strength. All thanks to the training lord chilled has given him.

How does Mildred reflect all the qualities of a citizen of a dystopic society?

Mildred is very different from most citizens in Farenheit 451, she has a very shallow and mediocre personality. Unlike her husband Montag, she is very disconnected from her family, she is very violent, selfish, and childish. She is also very small-minded. She is also addicted to drugs and she often overdoses on them. I believe that Mildreds personality comes from her addiction of drugs. She shows violent and selfish characteristics that an over-dozer has.