News&Views, Week of October, 14th, 2021

Middle School Principal’s Letter

Thank you for taking the time to read this week’s version of the news and views. It was a strong week of teaching and learning.

The 6th grade students showcased their learning at the Mesopotamia Museum in the courtyard with a captive audience. The Museum has been an ongoing tradition in the Middle School. While we were unable to have it last year in person, due to Covid restrictions, it was very welcomed this year by the students and the parents.

To quote a parent, “the students are so talented, and it is good to see the quality work that the teachers are getting from them.” “I think Ms. Tegenfeldgt and Mr. Kasal did a great job with the unit and with guiding the students to produce what they did.”

We had completed two weeks of X-block, and it was beautiful to see how engaged and passionate the students were in their activities. There is a wide range of activities, such as forensic, functional training, yoga, bracelet design, and coding, just to name a few. I want to thank the teachers who lead and facilitate the activities, so our students can learn, explore, and have fun.

In continuation of our study of Rigid Transformations and Congruence, students in grade 8 math have been exploring angle pair relationships. When parallel lines are cut by a transversal, we discovered that not only did we notice that vertical angles & linear pairs were formed, but we discovered that all pairs of corresponding angles are congruent (i.e., same measure), all pairs of alternate exterior angles are congruent, all pairs of alternate interior angles are congruent, and same-side interior angles are supplementary. To support recognition of these relationships in a fun & engaging way, students played Dance Dance Transversal, an activity that mixes the popular game Dance Dance Revolution with a little bit of Geometry (as you will in this video)!

Next week we will be celebrating the drama students with a lunchtime improv performance. Unfortunately, we are unable to invite guests on campus, however, we will be sure to share photos of the event.

The parent-teacher conferences will be taking place virtually on Monday, October 25th, after school from 3:30 -5:00 pm and on Tuesday, October 26th from 7:45 – 4:10. Please sign up for an appointment on either day. Parents will be given ten minutes on both days with the teacher. We expect that your son/daughter attends the conference with you. The sign-up link will be shared in a separate email.

Conferences are structured to last no more than ten minutes to maximize the time available for all parents to meet with teachers. Teachers will keep track of time and inform you when your time has come to an end.

Thank you for your continuous support of Middle School.


In Partnership,
Courtney Bailey
The Middle School Office


Congratulations to the Soaring Eagle Certificate Winners


Advisory Competition – Halloween Candy Donation 🎃
Throughout the weeks leading up to the Halloween Social (Thursday, October 28), we will be running an advisory candy donation competition to help make the Middle School Halloween Social as sweet and enjoyable as possible. Bring in as much candy as you can each morning to your advisory. The advisory that brings in the most candy donations will receive a special gift basket of coupons and Krispy Kreme donuts for advisory. The last day to bring in candy donations is Thursday morning, October 28. Please make sure that candy is individually wrapped pieces. 💀🎃👻


From MS/HS Library

October is the month of COURAGE
In collaboration with the PTO, the MHS Library is promoting book connected to the theme of Courage during the month of October. The books are intended for MS students, HS students and parents. Please come check them out!

Read Books Online with the Sora App, our digital library open 24/7

All CAC patrons with a CAC google account can access our online collection of books. Read on your computer by going to or download the Sora App on your phone. Here are more detailed instructions on how to access Sora (note that Kindle books are not available to us in Egypt because of digital rights management). If there is a book you would like to request for Sora, please email Ms. Ennis (

When you are asked for a Follett account, use your CAC single sign-on

Free Subscription to the New York Times
CAC patrons with a CAC Gmail account can access our school subscription to the NY Times online. Follow these detailed instructions here. Subscriptions must be renewed every year.

Parent Hours for the MHS Library
Parents are welcome in the MHS library just before and just after school to come check out books Sunday-Thursday. If you would like to spend more time in the library, please visit us on Saturdays from 10am to 2pm. Thank you.


Three Cheers

Three Cheers to all core teachers for offering an activity during X-block.

Three Cheers to the following parents for volunteering to serve Pizza on Wednesday.

Three Cheers to Mr. Miller, Ms.Christensen, Ms. Deakin, Mr. Harris, Ms. Urbiztondo, Ms. Spencer, Mr. Johnson and Mr. Staley for leading Wednesday Well-being activities.