News&Views, Week of October, 6th, 2021

Middle School Principal’s Letter

Dear Parents,

Thank you for taking the time to read this week’s version for the news and views. It was a four-day week as we all go off on a three-day weekend. Nevertheless, it was a busy week in the classrooms.

We had our Grade 8 Parent Tea on Tuesday morning and it was well attended. We want to thank all the parents who were in attendance. Thanks to Ms. Torky, Mr. White, Ms. St. Amand, and Mr. Storey, but most of all, thanks to our students who started the event by sharing a synopsis of their learning in the classroom.

Language Arts 6
In 6th Grade Language Arts, students are practicing reading skills such as inferring, through the lens of character. They have been challenged to look beyond external physical traits and begin to consider characters’ inner lives, supporting their claims with evidence from their reading and examples from what they already know about people in daily life.

Social Studies 6
Students have begun the year by looking at the ancient civilization of Mesopotamia. This unit leads students to understand the work that archaeologists, historians, and anthropologists engage in as they create artifacts and write museum labels to accompany them. Families will celebrate the work of our young historians at the Grand Opening of the Museum of Mesopotamia next week.

Language Arts 7
In 7th Grade Language Arts, students read and explore texts to analyze themes and plot progressions. They also studied descriptive writing before taking a sensory tour of campus. They gathered notes to write their descriptive pieces, using figurative language to bring their paragraphs to life. A study of Latin and Greek root words are also incorporated into the daily routine, positively impacting students’ access to a range of novel vocabulary across all subjects and the world around them.

Math 7
In 7th grade math we are just finishing Unit 2: Integers & Rational Numbers. The students are mastering single and multi-step equations involving positive and negative integers, decimals, and fractions. Their skills and self-confidence in math grow each day, along with their love of learning. It is inspiring to watch.

A reminder that you will have access to your child’s progress report at 3:00 pm. You can use your computer from home to print a copy. We will also allow the reports to be accessible to you and your children in a paperless manner. The Middle School uses Skyward only to report student progress during Progress Reports midway through each Semester and Report Cards at the end of each Semester.

As a reminder, all students receive a report on their Approaches To Learning in the class. All new students and those receiving a Rarely in their ATL’s will receive a comment.

We hope that you will find the information about your child both valuable and informative. When you view the reports today, we encourage you to talk with your child about both their ATLs as they relate to their academic achievement. While we report separately on these things, we see a direct correlation between the Approaches To Learning and academic success.

In Partnership,
Courtney Bailey
The Middle School Office


From the PTO

  • The faculty and staff DEI design team are asking all parents to complete the AIM focus group survey. See the PTO Blog for more information and let’s support our teachers and staff.
  • Please submit a recipe for the PTO cookbook, Family Favorites: Celebrating CAC’s Culinary & Cultural Diversity The deadline for submissions is October 31.
  • For students interested in earning service hours as PTO language liaisons, please sign up here.
  • Mark your calendars for the first PTO DEI Discussion Circle next Wednesday 10/13 @ 1:30. The focus will be on wellness and the conversation will be facilitated by our PTO Wellness committee head, Shayanne Salama. Location to be announced.
  • Please visit the PTO / Booster Club Blog for current updates.


Grade 8 Parent Tea Presentation
Hello Grade 8 Parents,
We were happy to have you on campus this week for the Grade 8 Parent Tea. We hope that the information and resources provided will prove useful and help your child be an even more successful middle school student. Here is the link to the 8th Grade Parent Tea Presentation for parents who missed the meeting or who would like to explore the resources presented further.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We look forward to what we hope will be a fun and educational year at CAC.

Best Regards,
The Grade 8 Team


From MS/HS Library

October is the month of COURAGE
In collaboration with the PTO, the MHS Library is promoting book connected to the theme of Courage during the month of October. The books are intended for MS students, HS students and parents. Please come check them out!

Read Books Online with the Sora App, our digital library open 24/7

All CAC patrons with a CAC google account can access our online collection of books. Read on your computer by going to or download the Sora App on your phone. Here are more detailed instructions on how to access Sora (note that Kindle books are not available to us in Egypt because of digital rights management). If there is a book you would like to request for Sora, please email Ms. Ennis (

When you are asked for a Follett account, use your CAC single sign-on

Free Subscription to the New York Times
CAC patrons with a CAC Gmail account can access our school subscription to the NY Times online. Follow these detailed instructions here. Subscriptions must be renewed every year.

Parent Hours for the MHS Library
Parents are welcome in the MHS library just before and just after school to come check out books Sunday-Thursday. If you would like to spend more time in the library, please visit us on Saturdays from 10am to 2pm. Thank you.


Three Cheers

Three Cheers To Ms. Torky, Ms. Spencer, Ms. St. Amand, Mr. White, Mr. Semlar, and Mr. Storey for sharing at the Grade 8 Parent’s Tea.

Three Cheers to all our parents who were in attendance at the Grade 8 Parent’s Tea.

Three Cheers to the students who presented at the Grade 8 Parent’s Tea.

Three Cheers to all teachers for the completion of Progress Reports.